TBU#3 Running your own business using The Four Tendencies

Episode 3 July 06, 2022 00:38:37
TBU#3 Running your own business using The Four Tendencies
Two Booked Up
TBU#3 Running your own business using The Four Tendencies

Jul 06 2022 | 00:38:37


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Rowena Mabbott Shelley Tonkin Smith

Show Notes

We’re continuing the conversation about Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Four Tendencies, which we started in our last two episodes. Today, we’re focusing on BUSINESS and how knowing your tendency can support you as a business owner.

We’re going to be covering the full gambit of what it takes to run a business — from crafting an offer, to marketing and messaging, then sales, delivery, and the day-to-day running in between. And we’re going to apply the Four Tendencies to each of those aspects of entrepreneurship.

Whatever your tendency — Upholder, Obliger, Rebel or Questioner — it’s our aim to help you harness your tendency’s strengths to be a successful and happy business owner.

[06:54] What does it take to run a business?
[08:51] Offering
[15:56] Marketing and Messaging
[21:25] Sales
[26:00] Delivery
[30:44] Admin and Day-to-Day

Current Reads:

Rowena has just finished Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.

Shelley is re-reading The Call of the Wild and Free by Ainsley Arment.

Links we mention:

Shelley's "Launch and Love It" approach to Sales Funnels and the customer journey.

Rowena's Career, Business and Life Coaching Programme

Shelley's article, Launching a coaching package or a service-based offer? Here’s what you’ve got to know before you start

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